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Blue Moon Lease Group White Paper

Some of our customers use the Blue Moon Software for their lease forms. This is a web-based product that we integrated with our Lease Groups feature in Store. Rather than documenting a specific task just for our Blue Moon users, we chose to create a white paper instead.

If your organization uses the Blue Moon Software, you can download this pdf version of the Blue Moon Lease Integration.

Store Enterprise/Advantage User Guides

February 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Store customers can access and download all Store Advantage/Enterprise user guides via the Yardi Store Support Toolbox website. The user guides are fully-functional PDF documents with content searching capabilities. The benefits of the electronic document far outweigh the printed version for this reason alone, and you get to save a tree as well. It’s win-win situation for all!

The following user guides will be available for download from the Yardi Store Support Toolbox website:

  • Store Application System Requirements
  • Store Quick Reference Guide
  • Store Reports Guide
  • Store User Guide
  • eStore Admin Guide
  • Financial Integration Utility Guide
  • Yieldplan Guide
  • GateAgent Guide
  • Create a Multi-Month Invoice
  • DocuSign Implementation Guide
  • Plus much more…