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SWS GetReceiptTemplateInfo Method

April 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Retrieves information regarding the available receipt templates at a site, org or system level.


Name DataType Is Required
OrgID Long Required
Description The organization’s ID number.
SiteID Long Required
Description The site’s ID number. This can be found using the GetSiteList method.
TemplateLevel TemplateLevelVals Required
Description The type of receipt template you wish to retrieve.
Available values:


  • Returned Parameters

    Name DataType
    Description The object containing all data for the method response.


    As with every method we need to pass in credentials. We do this with the LookupUser request object.

    We will assume you have a web reference, let us name it SWS, in your Visual Studio project. At this point we need to define our objects. We will need the standard service object, a getLtrTemplateInfo request object, and a getLtrTemplateInfo response object. We can define and create those like this:

    // Create a request and response objects
    SWS.WSSoapClient service = new SWS.WSSoapClient();
    SWS.getLtrTemplateInfo_Request request = new SWS.getLtrTemplateInfo_Request();
    SWS.getLtrTemplateInfo_Response response;

    Here’s a sample code of the request object:

    // GetReceiptTemplateInfo Request
    request.OrgID = 123456;
    request.SiteID = 123456;
    request.TemplateLevel = SWS.templateLevelVals.SITE_ORG;

    Finally we can call the method and pass across the login object and the request object to retrieve our information. It’s a good idea to do this in a Try Catch block.

    // Call the method that will load the response object
      response = service.getReceiptTemplateInfo(user_request, request);
    catch (Exception ex)

    Note that if something goes wrong the service will respond with an exception. You will want to capture the message returned in that exception so it can be debugged.

    For a full list of methods see SWS Methods.