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TLS 1.2 Update Information and Testing

February 8, 2017 2 comments

Yardi TLS Update Will Affect Users of Store Web Services (SWS)

Yardi currently utilizes advanced security protocols when the Store system communicates with third party credit card gateways, email, and other data transfer partners. (This protocol standard is known as Transport Layer Security, or TLS.)

In February 2017, Yardi plans to implement the latest version of TLS (version 1.2) for all secure communications to maintain compliance with our PCI audit. However, this update will affect all users of the Store Web Services (SWS) protocol. This TLS update requires all SWS consumers to verify they can connect to an updated TLS 1.2 database using their current integration software.  Credentials to an updated testing environment can be found below.

You must verify that your current software integration can successfully connect to the test environment, or you might be required to upgrade to a newer version before the February TLS update.  This applies to both SWS and SWS2 consumers. The eStore application is not affected by this change.


Development credentials for testing within a QA database using TLS 1.2 protocols: (Note: that this is a temporary testing environment that will be disabled after the February update in production.)

Username:  TLSTestUser
Password:   testTLS12
Channel:     999
OrgID:         1000000082

We suggest using the GetOrgList method. This will return information without anything other the the information above.


You can use the new Sandbox end points found at our WSDLs and End Points page. All previous log in credentials will still be valid and you can use any of the methods to test on this server.

If you receive any errors you will need to update to the TLS 1.2 protocol.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Yardi Store Web Service Support team at

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