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January 31, 2011 Leave a comment

If you experience severe distortion of a logo placed on a letter template, the logo needs to be sized appropriately prior to adding it to the letter. In order to re-size a logo you’ll need a vector graphic image that can be re-sized without distortion. Once the vector graphic is re-sized to the desired size for the letter, it must be rasterized into a jpeg image of the same size. The newly created and properly sized jpeg image can then be added to the letter template.

For various reasons, PDF templates in Store’s DocDesigner are rendered at 96dpi. This is a considerably lower resolution than many graphic artists are used to when designing for print media. If the graphics you choose to use in your letters templates are not created to be viewed at this resolution, your final printed product may be less than beautiful.

Ideally, your graphic designer can supply an image with the exact dimensions you’ll require. However, if you’re unable to get the perfect rendering, most imaging programs can assist in resizing the image. In a perfect world you will start with the vector-based image and simply rasterize it to the necessary size. Common vector formats include eps, svg, and pdf4.*

If a vector formatted image is not available, a larger rasterized graphic can be used. This method will take a little more patience but the overall results should be acceptable.

Inkscape and paint.NET are wonderful programs for vector and raster images, respectively. Both are free and can be found on google.

*eps, svg, and pdf files can contain raster graphics as well. These will not work for our purposes.


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