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Gateway Controls

Store API Gateway Controls

On July 1, 2018, Yardi implemented API gateway controls that will help protect our cloud environment and ensure a positive user experience for clients and integration partners alike.

The gateway controls enforce usage limitations that help prevent any single user, especially consumers of the Store web services API, from adversely affecting other customers in the Yardi Store Cloud. (Please note, these controls only affect the Yardi Store products and services, and do not apply to other Yardi products and services such as Voyager.)

While the gateway controls allow Yardi to fine-tune the usage of the service API to the needs our integration partners and our common clients, certain limits were enacted and will be enforced for all users. The gateway policies will set limits on:

  • Maximum concurrent requests per Service User.*
  • Maximum throughput of requests per rolling 60 minute window, per Service User.*
  • Maximum throughput of requests per rolling 24 hour window, per Service User.*
  • Ability to restrict/shun any Service User* and/or IP address that is having adverse impact on the Store environment, regardless of the policy maximums. To ensure quick response to
    severely impactful events, notice may not be provided before action is taken to restrict or shun requests, but we will make reasonable effort to contact affected users as quickly as
  • Additional controls and policies will likely be added by July 1, 2018. More details will be provided before this occurs.

* Service users are organization/client based, so these limits are essentially per org, per interface consumer.

Integration partners that work within the “Basic” services tier will have further constraints as defined in their service agreements.

It is not anticipated that any changes will need to be made to integrations, service endpoints or URLs, nothing from a consumer standpoint will change once these gateway controls are in place.

If you have questions or concerns about the changes, please reach out to:

  • Rett Thorpe
  • Steve Hall
  • Your account manager or the Yardi Storage Helpdesk
    Yardi ticketing system
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