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RentalContact Reference

Reference for methods using the RentalContact object.

Name DateType Is Required
ContactId Long Required
Description The rental contact’s ID number. This is returned when using the CreateNewAccount or AddNewContact methods or you can search for it using the SearchBy method.
AddressId Long Required
Description The ID assigned to the address record when it was created.
PhoneId Long *Optional
Description The ID assigned to the phone record when it was created.
Note: While this is optional for the application, it’s best practice to always include a phone number for the site to contact the customer.
GateCode String Optional
Description Assigns a code to the gate system. This will be used to access the site and, possibly, their unit.
PrimaryFlag Boolean *Optional
Description Indicates if the contact is the primary for the quote record or not.
Note: While this is optional, if multiple contacts are being added to a rental, the first one will be set as primary if no other contact is flagged. It is best practice to always indicate which contact is the primary.
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