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MakeReservation_Request Reference

Reference for any method using the MakeReservation_Request object.

Name Data Type Is Required
SiteID Long Required
Description The site’s ID number. This can be found using the GetSiteList method.
AcctID Long Required
Description The account’s ID number. This is returned when you use the CreateNewAccount method or can be retrieved with the SearchBy method.
UnitID Long Required
Description The unit’s ID number. This is returned when you use any of the GetSiteUnitData
calls and is maintained through rentals.
Version Decimal Required
Description The unit’s version number which serves to prevent duplicate use of the unit.
QuoteID Long Optional
Description The quote’s ID assigned to the quote when the initial reservation was created. Use this to update an existing quote to a different type of reservation/rental.
QuoteType Quote_Types Required
Description Tells the system what type of quote the reservation will be.
Available values:

  • QuoteOnly
  • SoftReservation
  • HardReservation

To make a rental use QuoteOnly but set RentNow to “true”, otherwise, set RentNow to “false”.

RentNow Boolean Required
Description Tells the system if it will be a rental or reservation. Set RentNow to “true” and QuoteType to “QuoteOnly” for a rental, otherwise set this as “false”.
Price Decimal Optional
Description Indicates the price at which the unit will be rented (the rent rate).
QuoteStartDate DateTime Optional
Description The date the quote record is created.
QuoteExpiration DateTime Optional
Description The date the quote record is no longer available.
InquirySource Integer Optional
Description The way the customer found out about the site/organization. This takes advantage of the custom LookUps in the Store application. You will need to get the list from the organization’s contact.
Contacts RentalContact Required
Description Object containing the information to add a contact.
Description Object containing all the information required to apply a discount or promotion.
OverrideReservationAmount Decimal Optional
Description This overrides the required deposit amount set by the site.
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