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NewPCDItem Reference

Reference for any method using the PCDItem object.

Name DataType Required
PCD_ID Long Required
Description The system generated ID of the PCD you are applying.
EffDate dateTime Optional
Description The date the PCD starts.
EndDate dateTime Optional
Description The date the PCD ends.
DiscountAmount Decimal Required
Description The amount of the PCD that will be applied.
ReasonCode Integer Required

The reason codes will always be 1 unless otherwise specified by the organization.

ReasonDescription String Optional
Description The description of the ReasonCode value.
RevenueCategory Integer Required
Description The revenue class to which the PCD will apply. Currently the only option is RentalItem which is 1.
IsPromoDiscCredit PCDType Required
Description The type of PCD that is being applied.
Available values:


  • Promotion
  • Credit
  • Discount
  • Rate_Modification
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