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AuctionEndRentalInfo Reference

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Reference for any method that uses the AuctionEndRentalInfo object.

Name DataType Is Required
AcctID Long Required
Description The account’s ID number. This is returned when you use the CreateNewAccount method or can be retrieved with the SearchBy method.
BuyerAddress String Required
Description The purchaser’s address.
BuyerName String Required
Description The purchaser’s name.
BuyerPhone String Required
Description The purchaser’s phone number.
Notes String Optional
Description The auction notes taken during the auction of the rental item.
RentalID Long Required
Description The rental item’s ID number. This is returned when using the MakeReservation method or can be searched for using the SearchBy method.
SoldAmount Decimal Required
Description The amount of auction proceeds collected for the rental item.
Status String Required
Description The result of the auctioned rental item being terminated.
Available values:

Tax Decimal Optional
Description The required tax amount, if the proceeds of the auction are taxable.
TaxExempt Boolean Required
Description Set to ‘True’ if rental item is tax exempt and ‘False’ if not.
TaxExemptInfo String Optional
Description The tax ID number, if the proceeds are tax exempt.
PaymentData MakePayment_Request Required
Description The payment information to collect proceeds of the auction.
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