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CancelReservation_Request Reference

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Reference for any method that uses the CancelReservation_Request object.

Name DataType Is Required
AcctID Long Required
Description The account’s ID number. This is returned when you use the CreateNewAccount method or can be retrieved with the SearchBy method.
ContactData ContactInfo Optional
Description The required rental contact’s information.
LostDemandNotes String Required
Description The free text note as to why a potential customer failed to initiate a rental.
LostDemandReason String Required
Description The lost demand reason. This can be customized by the organization, however, this method will only use the default values.
Store default values:

  • Current
  • Price
  • Availability
  • Unknown
  • NewQuoteCreated
QuoteIDs Long Optional
Description The ID of the quote. This can be an array if there are multiple quotes that need to be cancelled. This can be retrieved using the GetReservations method.
RefundData RefundData Optional
Description Refund data is no longer used in the CancelReservation method. The refund type is based on the original transaction.
RentalIDs Long Optional
Description The rental item’s ID number. This can be an array if multiple rental ids need to be cancelled. This is returned when using the MakeReservation method or can be searched for using the SearchBy method.
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