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RefundData Reference

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Reference for any method that uses the RefundData object.


Name Data Type Is Required
ApplyRefundRentalID Long Optional
Description The rental id of the account to which the refund will be apply in cash credit/escrow. This is required for the CancelReservationCashCredit method to apply any remaining credit to this rental id. This is returned when using the MakeReservation method or can be searched for using the SearchBy method.
DenialReason String Optional
Description The reason for denying a customer’s refund (I.E., Delinquent on other rentals).
IsDenied Boolean Optional
Description Set to “True” to deny the refund and “False” to process a refund. The default is “False”.
IsRentalTerminated Boolean Ignored
Description No input necessary. Set to “True” by default.
RefundAmount Decimal Ignored
Description No input necessary. The refund amount is automatically calculated by the Store application, based on the refund rules for the site.
RefundType String Required
Description The refund type for reimbursing the lost customer. The refund types are available in the GetMoveOutInfo method. Required if a refund is warranted.
TranID Long Ignored
Description Not used. The transaction’s ID number.Transaction IDs are system generated for each payment transaction that occurs in the system.
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