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CreditCardData Reference

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Reference for any method using the CreditCardData object.


Name DataType Is Required
Amount Decimal Required
Description The amount for which the card will be charged.
CardNumber String Required
Description The credit/debit card number.
CardHolderName String Required
Description The name of the cardholder as it appears on the card.
ExpireMonth String Required
Description The expiration month of the card. Must be a 2 digit number for the credit processor to process.
ExpireYear String Required
Description The expiration year of the card. Max string length of 4. For the year you could use ’20’ or ‘2020’. The system assumes the year is in the future.
CVV2 String Optional
Description The card verification value of the card. This is the 3 digit number on the back of the card or, in the case of American Express, the 4 digit number under the card number, on the front of the card.
Address String Optional
Description The address on record with the credit/debit card company.
PostalCode String Optional
Description The ZIP/postal code of the address on record with the card company. This is required if there is an address.
TrackData String Do Not Use
Description Depricated.

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