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This is a reference for any service that uses the ORG_SERVICE_SITE_OFFERINGS array.

Name DataType Is Required
SITE_ID Long Required
Description The site’s ID number. This can be found using the GetSiteList
CLASS_ACTIVE Boolean Optional
Description Indicates whether the service is active (“True”) or inactive (“False”).
Description The system generated id for the service.
Description The system generated id to the lease documents group.
TANGIBLE Boolean Optional
Description Whether the service is tangible (“True”) or intangible (“False”).
SERVICE_TYPE Integer Optional
Description The numeric value of the service type chosen when the service was created.
Description The value of the SERVICE_TYPE numeral.
Available values:

  • Mail Invoicing
  • 24 Hour Access
  • Other Service/Amenity
  • E-mail Invoicing
SERVICE_NAME String Optional
Description The basic name of the service.
Description The full name of the service which includes the SERVICE_NAME, ITEM_NO, and SERVICE_DESC.
SERVICE_DESC String Optional
Description The description of what the service entails.
PRICE Decimal Optional
Description The monthly cost of the service
Description The tax group (if applicable) to the service. This allows the service to be taxed monthly.
OBJECTS_ACTIVE Boolean Optional
Description Indicates whether the item is cataloged or not. “True” indicates it is cataloged.
SERVICE_CAT_ID Long Optional
Description The system assigned cataloged id for cataloged items.
ITEM_NO String Optional
Description Item number of cataloged services. This is set by the admin when creating the service.
BARCODE String Optional
Description The barcode set at the time of creation for the service.
STATUS Integer Optional
Description If the item is cataloged this will indicate if the status of the service.
LOOKUP_VALUE String Optional
Description The value of the status integer.
MEANING String Optional
Description What the literal meaning of the value is.
REF_TYPE Decimal Required
Description Indicates if a service is cataloged or not. Cataloging allows you to add multiple items to the service so they can be itemized in the service. This is retrieved when using the GetAvailableServices method
ICON String Optional
Description The icon name used for the service image.
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