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Reference for any method using the ORG_SECURITY_DEPOSITS object.


Name DataType Is Required
DEP_GROUP_ID Long Required
Description The system generated id applied to the deposit schedule.
ORG_ID Long Required
Description The organizations id number.
DEP_FIX Decimal Required
Description The dollar amount of a fixed dollar deposit. Only required if the deposit schedule is a fixed dollar amount.
DEP_PERC Decimal Required
Description The percentage of a percentage based deposit. Only required if it is a percentage based deposit schedule.
DEP_TYPE Integer Required
Description The numeric value of the deposit type.
DEP_TYPE_VAL String Optional
Description The alpha value of the deposit type.
ACTIVE Boolean Required
Description Indicates whether the deposit is active or not. “True” indicates active.
DEP_GROUP_NAME String Optional
Description The name of the deposit schedule. This is chosen by the admin at the time the deposit schedule is created.
DEP_GROUP_DESC String Optional
Description The description of the deposit schedule.
DEP_METHOD Integer Required
Description Whether the deposit is a fixed amount, percentage amount, greater amount or lesser amount.
DEP_METHOD_VAL String Optional
Description The alpha value of the DEP_METHOD integer.
AMT_DESC String Optional
Description Description of how the deposit works.
DEP_AMT String Optional
Description The amount of the deposit based on the deposit schedule rules.
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