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Reference file for any method using the ORG_RENTAL_SCHEDULED_FEES object.


Name DataType Is Required
BASE_FEE_TYPE Integer Optional
Description The scheduled fee type’s numeric value (i.e., Fixed = 1, Percentage % = 2, Variable = 3, Scheduled = 4).
FEE_ACTIVE Boolean Optional
Description “True” if the scheduled fee is “Active”, “False” if not.
FEE_AMT String Optional
Description The fee amount. Max string length of 10.
FEE_AMT_DESC String Optional
Description The description of the fee amount.
FEE_DESC String Optional
Description The site fee’s description. Max string length of 563.
FEE_OBJECT_ID Decimal Optional
Description The site fee’s ID number.
ICON String Optional
Description The name icon that displays in the Store application. Max string length of 30.
Description The organization fee’s ID number.
REF_TYPE Decimal Required
Description TheĀ numeric value for the assessment type (i.e., rental item, tax, retail refund, etc.).
RENTAL_ID Long Optional
Description The rental item’s ID number.
SITE_ID Long Optional
Description The site’s ID number. This can be found using the GetSiteList method.
TAXABLE Boolean Optional
Description “True” if the fee is taxable, “False” if not. (If a tax exempt ID is used, the fee will not be taxed even if this is “True”.)
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