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Reference for any method that uses the ACCT_CONTACT_PHONE object.


Name DataType Is Required
ACTIVE Boolean Required
Description Defaults to “True” which defines the new phone number as the “Active” number for the contact.
CONTACT_ID Long Required
Description The rental contact’s ID number. This is returned when using the CreateNewAccount or AddNewContact methods or you can search for it using the SearchBy method.
PHONE String Required
Description The new phone number. Max string length of 55.
PHONE_ID Long Optional
Description The phone number’s ID number. This is only used for an existing phone number record. If it is a new phone do not use this item.
PHONE_TYPE Integer Required
Description The numeric value of the phone number type.
Available values: 

  • 1 – Home
  • 2 – Office
  • 3 – Mobile
  • 4 – Fax
  • 5 – Other
PHONE_TYPE_VALUE String Optional
Description  The textual value of the phone number type.
Available values: 

  • Home
  • Office
  • Mobile
  • Fax
  • Other
ACCT_ID Long Required
Description  The account ID with which the phone number is associated. This is returned when you use the CreateNewAccount method or can be retrieved with the SearchBy method.
CREATED_BY Long Optional
Description  The ID of the person that created the phone number.
UPDATED_BY Long Optional
Description  The ID of the person that last updated the phone number.
BLACKLIST_SMS Boolean Optional
Description Indicates if the customer allows SMS text messages to their phone (“False”) or if the number is removed from the SMS list (“True”). If they are on the blacklist for one account it will apply to all the accounts with their phone number at the organization.
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