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LookupUser Request Object

The LookupUser object processes your login for almost every function in Store Web Services. If a function does not require the object, it is noted in its documentation. Otherwise, you should assume the object is required. The object will always be the first parameter in a Store function. Note: The channels are created in the Store application by an admin. A list of available channels can be retrieved using the GetChannelList. The default for a SWS user is 999, however, if the organization has set up an additional option (i.e., call center, kiosk, web site, etc.) you should verify what channel to use with your organization contact. The channel will control things like the types of promotions available and is used in tracking.

Name DataType Required Description
Username String Required The user SWS uses to connect to the application. This should never refer back to a specific Store account or contact.
Password String Required The user’s password.
Channel Integer Required The source of the request. The channel is organization specific and could refer to things like call centers, kiosks or websites.


With most methods, we need to pass in credentials. Start with creating the object and setting the parameters.

‘ Create and set authentication credentials
 Dim objLogin As New SWS.LookupUser_Request

Within this object we will pass in our credentials.

‘ Set the Login object params
 With objLogin
 .Username = “UserName”
 .Password = “Store40”
 .Channel = 999
 End With

For a full list of methods see SWS Methods.

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