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Contacting Web Service Support

You may contact us at anytime regarding usage, bugs, errors etc. in SWS. We will respond within 1 business day to your contact.

Email us: (This is the preferred method of communication. Assistance is available between 7am and 4pm Mountain time.) StoreAPISupport@Yardi.com
For assistance during normal business hours: (This is the Helpdesk number and they may not be able to assist with all SWS/API questions.) 801-303-1333

For emails please include the following information, where applicable.

  1. Your name and the organization to which you are contracted.
  2. A snippet of the code causing the issue and the SOAP method.
  3. The URL you are using to access Store Web Services.
  4. If this is regarding a specific error you are experiencing:
    • The date and time the error occurred.
    • The username you are using to attempt to login. (For security, do not include the password!)
    • A detailed list of the parameters being passed in. (Do not include sensitive data like credit card numbers, social security numbers or passwords.)
    • Detailed error information including the error number and description. (If you can email a screen shot of the response, even better.)

If for any reason a password is included in an email that also contains your username we are required to change the password immediately.

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