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Store 4.0 Permissions and the Registry

I run across confusion about registry and permissions every few months, so here are a few notes on the subject that may help.

There are 3 basic registry/permission types:

1)      Item – this is basically just access to a menu link in store. If you have this grant the menu link is enabled and you can perform any function on the form that is not restricted by a permission.

2)      Report – This is essentially the same as 1 but it is a report instead of a form.

3)      Permission – This gives you a special access in a form or web service, or the ability to do additional actions not available by default through just a menu permission.

  1. There are only about 20 of these defined right now
  2. Some examples are:

i.      External Services Access – You have access to run all sws methods.  If you have problems logging in to do web service development, verify you have this permission assigned to your account.

ii.      Org Rev. Classes – You can create additional revenue classes.

iii.      SSN Viewer – You can view social security numbers in the Account Maintenance form.

All of these three types can be granted to a user individually or grouped in a role and that role then granted to a user.

There are 2 other types of registry grants.  Organization and Site.

Pretty strait forward.  These grants when assigned are stored in the same org_registry_grants table as the 3 above.

You can organize multiple sites grants to a user through Groups.  Similar to roles just groups sites together.

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